Randall Cobb creeping towards records at UK

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Randall Cobb has played in 23 games at the University of Kentucky.  That is out of a possible 28 games.  And despite missing over a 1/6 of his possible games, Cobb is still on pace to place his name throughout the Kentucky record book.  All of this despite the fact he has played 2 positions as well.  RECEIVING Current: 67 receptions Projection: 151 receptions (4th all-time) Current: 761 yards Projection: 1,775 yards (4th all-time) Current: 7 TD's Projection: 16 TD's (5th all-time) RUSHING Current: 995 yards Projection: 2,035 yards (Top 10 all-time) Current: 18 TD's Projection: 36 TD's (1st all-time) ALL-PURPOSE YARDS Current: 2,620 yards Projection: 5,353 yards (2nd all-time) Current: 8.62 yards per play Projection: 8.62 yards per play (2nd all-time) SCORING Current: 27 TD's Projection: 51 TD's (1st all-time) Current: 162 points Projection: 306 points (1st all-time) How good of a player is Randall Cobb?  Here is the stat that will blow your mind.  The non-kicker who has scored the most points in UK history is Craig Yeast, who scored 192 points in his career.  Randall Cobb, with 5 more touchdowns, will break Yeast's record in just his junior season.  And you wonder why some would argue Cobb is the best player in UK history.  Over/Under TD's against Akron: 2.  And that's only because he may only play 1 half.

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