Randall Cobb hit more than just the Books this Off-Season

Randall Cobb hit more than just the Books this Off-Season

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  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="534"] (Photo: Jim Matthews/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis)[/caption] The 2014 NFL season was a career one for Randall Cobb. In the same breath as Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, and Odell Beckham Jr, Cobb had Kentucky fans sticking their chests out a little more than usual. His 1287 yards, 91 receptions, and 12 TDs was sixth best in the league and a dream to fantasy football owners everywhere. It didn't hurt having NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers throwing the dimes, nor did Jordy Nelson lining up next to him. Cobb thrives in the slot, short passing game. Nelson is a physical specimen that spreads the field as a long-ball threat. After Nelson's season-ending injury, Cobb had to take on both roles as a slot and long ball receiver. This, combined with a lingering shoulder injury from pre-season, made for a frustrating 2015 season for the Packers and Cobb. Cobb's struggles didn't end there. This entry from packersnews.com details Cobb's struggle with weight loss.
He withered from 192 to 187, losing 2.6% of his body weight from an already diminutive frame...dipped as low as 184...lightest he had been since his sophomore year of college.
Eddie Lacy wishes he had this problem. NFL wide receivers have the difficult task of  "finding the proper mixture of skinny and strong. They’d like enough muscle to endure the hits and bumps dished out through the middle of the field, but too much weight is a hindrance; it robs them of invaluable quickness." Aware of his injury and weight loss struggles of 2015, Cobb took to the weight room this off-season in preparation for 2016. Now up to 194, Cobb is two pounds heavier than his top weight last year. This may not seem like much, but to an athlete that burns as many calories and depends on muscle weight as much as Cobb does, this is a major improvement. “If I don’t work out, I lose weight. And a lot of things were going on last year I couldn’t continue to maintain my strength. I couldn’t do a lot of exercises, so I lost a lot of weight during the season. I mean that happens normally, but not today. I just want to play a little heavier.” Cobb goes into the 2016 season as a college graduate and perhaps in the best shape of his life. What did you do this summer? If everything goes according to plan, look for everyone's favorite Wildcat to duplicate his career 2014 season, leaving all memories of last season in the dust.   @colleenwag_KSR  

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