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And I thought I loved Randall Cobb... It's time to add "blogger" to Randall Cobb's ever-expanding resume. Goldeneyes is now a contributor to MadeMan.com, a men's lifestyle website that covers health, fitness, fashion, sports, and of course, pretty girls. Cobb will contribute a "behind the scenes" look at the NFL throughout the season, and if his first post is any indication, he's a natural. Cobb touched on all the things you would expect him to--goals for the season, teamwork, etc.--but it's his description of the Lambeau Leap that I found most interesting:
So, what it’s like to do the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay? I’ve done the Leap every time I’ve scored. It’s so much fun, because you’re jumping right into that amazing fan energy. You’re getting beers and food on you, they’re screaming your name and cheering, the camera flashes are going off, it’s insane. Those are moments you never forget. It’s a real cool experience, not only for the players but also for the fans! Here’s one thing you wouldn’t know, though–those walls are a lot higher than you think, and it’s kind of tough to get up. First time I leaped, I didn’t make it up the wall all the way, but the fans grabbed and pulled me up! Trust me, the next time, I judged my leap better and made sure I looked more like an athlete!
Cobb said that he's been able to get more playing time by being versatile. Against San Francisco, he played punt and kick returner, slot receiver, and even lined up as an H-back on some plays. He also gave readers the keys to a good return: catching and securing the ball, finding holes, and getting through them before they're gone. Sorry, Randall, I don't think I'll be trying that one at home. And like any good Wildcat, he finished his piece up with a shoutout to the Big Blue Nation: "And one more thing, I follow my Kentucky Wildcats through thick and thin!" Randall, if you're looking to make blogging a semi-career, there's always room for you on the KSR staff. I'm sure Josh Hopkins will share his desk with you. [Made Man - Randall Cobb: Coming Back Real Hard] (Yes, this is the second Randall Cobb post I've written in three days. No, I'm not sorry for it.)

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