Randall Cobb is Not a Fan of Red Lobster

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lobster When you think Red Lobster, what comes to mind? For me, its two things...old people and cheesy biscuits. The only place old people love more than Red Lobster is Shoneys and it doesnt matter what day of the week or what location, every Red Lobster in America will be packed with people trying to get their shrimp on. The Lobster does have one thing going for it however, and that is their amazing cheesy biscuits. If one were ranking the foods I would want to be part of my last meal, the bread side might come from these cheesy biscuits and thus I can never fault anyone for seeking to enjoy their wonderful goodness at any point. Take for instance Monday night, when Randall Cobb made his way to Red Lobster. Hoping to enjoy the sultry taste, he instead was greeted with this moment, recounted by Cobb on Twitter last night: Just came to Red Lobster to eat and Audrey working at the door told me I must be a big UK fan because I have a lot of UK stuff on. I then told her I was one of the biggest fans and she then says "how many more games do you think we will win before were horrible again." #disrespectful, #slapintheface, #wow, Congrats Red Lobster just lost a top customer. Man I really wanted some of those biscuits too! Not a good decision by either Audrey or Red Lobster. Cobb reacted to the situation by leaving Red Lobster and tweeting out his thoughts to the world, including a request that Sandy Bell add Red Lobster to the "do not eat" list for UK athletes, that is currently occupied by Joe Bolognas. This isnt the first piece of bad publicity for Red Lobster, as the UK basketball team was unable to get a seat once last year and in our follow-up attempt to do a KSR podcast at the establishment, we were rudely rebuffed by management. What is becoming clear is that Red Lobster in Lexington is becoming decidedly anti-UK and with every passing moment, is asking for a KSR boycott. This would be a tough action for me to take, as I like the cheesy biscuits and my dad considers the establishment the height of fine cuisine. But we must at some point take a stand here Big Blue Nation. Diss the basketball team and we will call it a mistake...be rude to the KSR crew right after and we will call it a bad night. But disrespect Randall Cobb and the UK football team the week of the big game? Well I am sorry, this is unacceptable. FREE ENES! and ROCK THE LOBSTER!

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