Randall Cobb says Meriweather "played with an intent to hit"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


One of the big story lines from Sunday's NFL action was Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather's hit on Packers running back Eddie Lacey, and whether or not he should have been suspended for it. Randall Cobb had an up-close view of the play, and told Jim Rome that he thinks Meriweather "played with an intent to hit":
"You know I can't really say speaking for other games. I know this game he played with an intent to hit. I don't know if it was so much to try to take people out but he was playing to trying to make plays for his teams and it kind of cost one of our players and himself obviously. I think you have to really play with that edge but you have to be smart about the plays you make."
Cobb had an awesome day himself on Sunday, with nine catches for 128 yards and a touchdown. He almost had another 71-yard touchdown in the first quarter, but barely stepped out of bounds. Right now, he's third in the NFL in receiving yards (236) and fourth in receptions (16). Even so, Cobb said that he's hoping to take his game to yet another level by becoming a "big-play player," capitalizing on the increasing opportunities he's getting from Aaron Rodgers:
"I don't want to be labeled as a slot guy, I don't want to be labeled as just somebody who can work out of the middle of the field. I want to have all the tools to the game and be the best player I can be for this team and for Aaron."
Keep making us proud, Goldeneyes.

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