Random Acts of Driving

by:Matt Jones10/12/06
If you will remember, I promised that the winner every week in the pick em contest would be able to write a blog posting on here about any subject that the individual chose. Well most people who have won this honor have chosen to write about sports.....but I have to give this week's winner "Nepalibabu" some credit.....he chose to truly write about anything, and here is his post..... Ok so I woke up today and was driving to school and there is an old lady in her long oldsmobile something car. And she was flying through the road. And by flying I mean she was going full 10 mps below the speed limit when she has no-one, absolutely not a single car in front of her. Now normally this wouldnt be a problem since I would just overtake her from the other lane. But you cant do anything when there is an old lincoln car right next to you that is going the same speed as you and will not speed up or down to let you go through. Interestingly enough, it was being driven by an elderly man. Now, I'm a nice guy and dont usually complain about anything but when it comes to driving and the road, I get pissed pretty easy and I have a severe thunderstorm kind of road rage. So today since I couldnt do anything, I just started a five minute rage filled with massive amount of expletives. That cooled me off a little bit. After a couple of minutes of lagging behind, the lady turned right and I was able to speed off. All I want ot say is People (of all ages) if there is a car behind you, tailgating pretty close, let them through. You will make someone's day. I propose to make a law that if anyone drives below 10 mph under normal circumstances, they get pulled over and get a ticket. Also, old people should not drive!! Nepalibabu

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