Random Calipari: Bullets and Glitter Edition

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


As he often does, John Calipari went off the rails a little during his postgame radio show last night. Here are three of the most ridiculous and random things he said following Kentucky’s win over Mississippi State.

“You fouled a three-point shooter, oh my gosh!”

This first one isn’t random, but it is hilarious. Calipari started off by praising his team for getting the win, but mentioned a sequence late in the second half that exhibited all of their bad habits, specifically Quade Green fouling a three-point shooter to cut Kentucky’s lead from nine to five.

“There was one play that you saw me lose my mind. We’re up nine, we rebound the ball, three minutes to go. ‘Alright, Let’s get this to 11 or 12, here we go! Why did you do throw that?!  You shot that three?! You fouled a three point shooter, oh my gosh!’  What would you have said if you were me? Would you have said it about that way?”

It’s way better with audio:

Calipari pulled Quade from the game and got in his face on that one.

“We’ve got two bullets in there”

Calipari found a silver lining in the Florida loss in his team’s improved man-to-man defense. Last night, he was furious with how they reverted.

“I’ve done this 30 years. I know I look like I’ve done it 50, but I’ve done it 30 years. If you cannot play man-to-man defense and you think you’re advancing at the end of the year, you’re out of your mind. Now, if we can start playing better man-to-man — we played it pretty good against Florida — and have that zone, woo! We’ve got two bullets in there. Now we can say, alright, let’s get them this way. Someone’s making shots, let’s go zone. But you cannot, just not be able to guard and give them layups and dunks and layups and — no. Then we played zone. The zone was big today. Without the zone, I doubt we win the game.”

“You will have glitter on you”

What awaits Kentucky in Morgantown? If they don’t get physical, apparently, a lot of glitter.

“If you’re not tough, this isn’t the game to play. If you’re not going to be physical and grab balls with two hands and be strong and fight before the ball hits the rim, you will have glitter on you. You know what the glitter’s from? They pushed you into the cheerleaders about six times and you’ve got that glitter on you.”

And, as someone who is still finding glitter around her house weeks after taking down Christmas decorations, trust me when I say it never really goes away.

To listen to Calipari’s entire postgame show, fast forward to the end of last night’s broadcast:


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