Random Thoughts: Central Arkansas
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Random Thoughts: Central Arkansas

Shawn Bridwellabout 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
1) I thought Mike Williams looked very solid in his first appearance of the season. He ran the court very well and seemed to mix it up pretty good inside the paint. The Big Black Member showed a nice pivot and score and finished with 4 points and 4 boards on the night. Very nice start for the big fella. Kind of makes you wonder why he didn't participate in the exhibitions, doesn't it? 2) Alex Legion showed glimpses of how good he can be. The first to me was on a semi fast break when he crossed his man over and pulled up for a quick free throw line jump shot that was money. Reminded me a lot of Ron Mercer and his mid-range game; also had a very nice steal and lay-up. Gaining confidence is the biggest thing for Legion at the moment, but he is trying his butt off and will be big as the season progresses. 3) Joe Crawford is playing harder than he ever has since arriving at UK in 2004. BCG has been very critical of Joe up to this point, but Joe has not hung his head. Rather he has accepted the challenge to get better and to buy into what BCG wants from his players. The most noticeable improvement of Joe's game to me has been his on ball defense. He looks much quicker and a lot more active. Once he gets his conditioning up to par he is going to be great this season. 4) Ramel Bradley still continues to try to do too much with the ball in his hands. He needs to understand that he can't win games on every possession. Patience is something that smooth needs to understand. I know it is hard for Ramel with his type of game, but the sooner he realizes it is best for the team, the quicker he will improve as well as everyone around him. 5) Mark Coury is really a great story. This guy goes 100% all out on every possession. He isn't the most talented player, but he makes up for what he lacks in effort. Really, really proud of Coury. Every thing he achieves this season he deserves due to his hard work and effort.

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