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There are not one, but TWO positions available at UK.  There is the 3rd assistant to join Cox and Cyprien under Billy as well as the Director of Basketball Operations.  I think many have assumed that Howard or the dancing guy from A/M were going to be the Ops guy, but that is not what I hear....at least if they decide to hire two of the names that are thrown out there. Rotnei Clarke told me yesterday that he would absolutely be interested if UK offered him a scholarship.  Not only do I think that would make Warren a virtual lock for UK, but I think Rotnei is going to be one of the best PG's in this class.  He is not the best PURE shooter in the class (Matt Roth is, but he's ONLY a spot up shooter), but he is the best shooter off the dribble,  off the screen, off the floor and from the parking lot.  He has great balance and is used to getting hammered and still making the play.  He is not a defensive liability as some suggest either....it's not his strongest point, but he can defend.  Some mention his height, but he is a legit 6' 1 in shoes (I've stood next to him many times) and he has two cousins that were his height at the same points in his development...they are both 6'5" now.  UK has not been in contact other than letters, but there are those at UK who like his play and are likely to enter the Clarke sweepstakes very soon. Jamychal Green is the PF that I'd most like to have.  He is only recently 16 years old and has a motor and the moves to be elite.  He is attending UK's elite camp in just about 10 days along with AAU team member Andrew Steele (Ronald's brother).  Look for UK to start on him hard.  Samardo Samuels is the player that I think may be the surprise name for UK in the near future.  He has not been mentioned in regards to UK, but that could change quick.  Keep an eye out for this guy.  He is a top 5 Center/PF. KC Miller played extremely well with Team Texas this past weekend and looked great for ANY class...forget the fact that he is a 2010 player.  For some reason, I got the impression that I was watching the future PG for the University of Kentucky.  He is very good friends with GJ Vilarino and GJ wants him to follow him to UK. Xavier Gibson played his first basketball since November when he suffered 3 broken bones in his right hand.  He was rusty and a little winded at times, but still, you could smell the talent from the 6'10" Garnett style player (style, not talent).  Gibson is a top 15 player and will be back in top form in no time.  His team, the Georgia Blazers, won the 17 year old tournament title at the Memorial Day Classic in Nashville this past weekend. I can't imagine a scenario in which UK gets Deandre Liggens to play for the Wildcats.  Liggens has been involved with Kansas for a LONG time and has a great relationship with them.  Additionally, those close to Liggens are very close to Coach Calipari and a few other coaches on Liggens' list.  Many see Liggens as the "flavor of the day" and he seems to be getting lots of credit for recent good play, but I do not think he is a "must have" player for UK.  I would take him in a second, but I wouldn't lose sleep if we missed on him, which I am pretty sure we will. Marc Maggard Kentucky Sports Radio & www.UKuncensored.com
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