Ravi Moss on Mississippi Valley State

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
As part of our continued attempt to give Kentucky fans new and exciting coverage of games and UK-related events, we have added a new contributor to the Kentucky Sports Radio crew. Ravi Moss is of course one of the most beloved UK players of years past, thanks in large part to his dedication to the team and the way in which he played the game. Over the course of this basketball season, Ravi will be posting his thoughts on UK games after they happen, will be a "basketball guru" on our radio show and will make an occasional appearance with us on our various UK pre-game shows from Lexington. It is exciting to have Ravi's contributions and we hope you will welcome him to the Kentucky Sports Radio crew. This is his first report on the Mississippi Valley STate game: RAVI MOSS I thought Kentucky looked really strong against Mississippi Valley State. They worked the court really well early in the game, got the press going early and were able to get some turnovers. I like the way the press was going early on and having Perry at the front of the press is great. I like the way Ramel looked as well.....he looked like a general tonight, somebody who can really take a team to a high level, which is good to see. The most important part of this team this year is that Ramel be able to control the team and be a general and Randolph needs to control inside. I think you know that Bobby and Joe are going to fall into place and will be fine. Tonight showed those guys are starting to hit these roles well and that is good to see. Early on it looked like this is a team that has a lot of potential and can become very good in the future. I really liked the way the freshman played last night as well. They have a composure and a swagger about them that you dont often see in freshman at this stage. They are playing really well right now and I think they have the chance to become really special in the future. You can also tell the difference early on that Coach Holsopple has brought to the team. The guys, Joe, Randolph, really everybody, they are in a lot better shape and have gotten a great deal stronger. Coach Holsopple has come in and made them work hard and that is what these guys really needed. They needed somebody who would come in and stay on top of them throughout the year. Our other strength coach was a guy who kind of thought "you are a man, you can come in here and do this yourself," but these guys needed somebody to stay on top of them and Coach Holsopple has done a great job. I think the chemistry on the team looks like it is where it needs to be with the guys right now. The guys seem to be trying to make the extra pass and that is what basketball is all about. What is exciting about this team is that it is so early in the season and they are passing the ball well and wanting each other to succeed. That is the way that a team becomes successful and you can see it early this year. I am excited to see how these guys do in Maui. They are ready for a challenge and Maui will certainly be that. Nothing against the teams they have played, but they are going to be going against guys who are just as talented as they are and it is a chance to see what they are made of. I know the guys are excited about it and I am ready to see what they can do. It should be a good year and this is a good early test. Ravi will be on this week's radio show (available on here Monday) and we look forward to his contributions throughout the year....

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