Read this defense of John Calipari and say "Amen"

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[caption id="attachment_173827" align="alignnone" width="600"]Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics Photo by Chet White, UK Athletics[/caption] Fox Sports' Reid Forgrave interviewed John Calipari one-on-one before this season, and today, he's got an excellent column on about why American needs to retire the "simple and lazy narrative" about Cal--you know the one--and appreciate the incredible coaching job that he's done this season:
The story of this Kentucky team isn’t just a story of the most talented team in college basketball. It’s a story of a coach who has gotten his absurdly talented players to play as a team, which any college coach can tell you is one of the greatest challenges in the profession. People are complicated; people change. And so the public narrative about a person should be just as nuanced as the person himself, and ought to be able to change, too.
Preach it, Reid. More where there came from, so go check it out. [FoxSports]

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