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READ: Why Mark Stoops has the best head coaching job in college football

Article written by:On3 imageZack Geoghegan



Mark Stoops managed to turn a declining program into regular Bowl game attendees in under a decade, but that’s not even close to why he has the best job in all of college football.

Have I lost you yet? No? Good.

Over at Banner Society, Steven Godfrey sang some HIGH praises for the Kentucky head coach that goes well-beyond his win-loss record. Godfrey explains (with some expletives, I should warn you) how a well-paid salary, realistic expectations, and coaching football at what is primarily a basketball school, have gifted Stoops the best head coaching job in the country. And his reasoning makes too much sense.


I won’t spoil the whole article, but Godfrey makes four main points, in particular, as to why Stoops is in an enviable position among his peers (especially Willie Taggert).

  1. Stoops’ contract is extended one season every time he wins seven games. Not after 10 wins or a Bowl game appearance, but just seven regular-season wins secures him an extra season of work.

  2. High-expectations with the basketball program lower the football team’s expectations, despite the SEC’s title as the country’s college football powerhouse.

  3. Stoops still has the benefit of the SEC logo that he can use to his recruiting advantage.

  4.  Lexington, Kentucky is actually an ideal location to work in.

My favorite quote from the entire post is “You’re not going to piss your wife off moving to Lexington, Kentucky.” and honestly, truer words have never been spoken.

Godfrey sums up his thoughts on Stoops succinctly:

There’s no real certainty in the SEC, but: Maybe Stoops becomes a victim of his own success at Kentucky and can’t replicate 2018’s ten-win season, building ennui among a fan base learning to get excited about football after November. Maybe Stoops does burn way deep down for one of those 20 or so jobs that offer a chance at a national title. But in terms of your own wellbeing, there aren’t many jobs that pay you this much and offer you the highest platform in a sport and preach patience at the same time. You might even be able to win the division at Kentucky eventually, meaning you’re a play-in game away from the College Football Playoff.

Go check out the full article and bask in the idea that Kentucky Football is now a desirable coaching job.

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