Real Reasons Florida Fans Come to Kentucky
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Real Reasons Florida Fans Come to Kentucky

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floridaman1 Me thinks this guy is interested in a different type of 'freshman' As you may expect, Gator fan may not be the brightest crayons in the box. In fact, this guy apparently thought the game was at UK today, and decided to make the trip up to the Bluegrass. This special Florida fan purchased a plane ticket to Lexington, but he never made it out of the airport. Former school teacher, Dale Chisena Sr., was arrested after stepping off the plane at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport for making his best attempt to meet Chris Hansen and get face time on To Catch a Predator. Instead, he gets a little face time across the web with this brand new mug shot. The previous child porn charges did not help this guys cause.
"At the time, the elder Chisena had been a teacher at Lovell Elementary for more than 30 years. After posting bond in that case, the FDLE said Chisena was placed on home confinement, ordered to have no contact with children."
Home confinement? But he still splurged to make the flight to Kentucky for a basketball game? That's what we call dedication, sir. Maybe Florida fans are a little more dedicated than we once thought, although today's College Game Day turnout says otherwise. Furthermore, Chisena's son has also been in trouble for the same crime. And Gator fans try to tell us WE are the inbred ones who pass down bad traditions to our offspring... SMH. In all seriousness, this man's crimes are very serious and very disturbing. Luckily, he was arrested before true harm could be done in our great state. I would like to thank the police officers who locked him up as well as those who investigated because they were able to track him down so quickly.

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