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Reality Bites

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 11 years


freakout The day after a Kentucky loss sucks. As Kentucky fans, we force ourselves to relive each mistake, dissect each fatal flaw, and wallow in the land of “what-ifs.” Today’s mood is particularly apocalyptic though (“Doron Lamb’s quitting!” “Terrence Jones has no talent!” “This makes me want to cheer for Louisville!”). Heck, even Fake Barney was depressed. After I put my own hysteria aside this morning, I started to shuffle through the chaos to separate fact from fiction: This team does not play well on the road: FACT Obviously. There's no question that the road don't take no guff. Now, I can understand losing on the road to decent teams in hostile environments (i.e., Vanderbilt, Florida), but Ole Miss and Arkansas? Really?! I know we’re everyone’s Super Bowl (Cal’s new “pooping ice cream”), but geez guys, six losses? And we feel confident about going to Rocky Top? Screw the punching bag, let’s invest in a team therapist to sort through this team’s roadaphobia. We would be winning with Enes Kanter: MOOT Seriously, people, drop this. It was fun to think about when there was still a possibility for him to play on the team, but that’s not going to happen. Not. Going. To. Happen. Stop wasting time in “what if” land. If Liggins had passed the ball to Harrellson at the end of the game, we would have won: MOOT I know it hurts. I looked at the screen cap, too. Albeit painful, this missed opportunity was not the only reason the Cats lost last night. What if Liggins hadn’t gotten that technical? What if Rotnei Clarke had accepted his plight as a member of the Lollipop Guild and never picked up a basketball? What if the sun was made of lemon sparkles and Lindsay Lohan wasn’t a trainwreck? You get the point. The officials hate Kentucky: EVEN They hate everyone at some point. This season is over: FICTION What is today? That's right: February 24th. Not late March. There is plenty of time left in this season. Now, is it enough time for the Cats to turn this leaky raft around? Who knows. But if there is a time for luck to trump logic, it's March. Don't jump off the boat just yet. I'm not about to sit here and find a silver lining in last night's game--it doesn't exist. But for everyone's sake, please put down the pitchforks, people. Start focusing on Florida and a player even more evil that Rotnei Clarke: Chandler Parsons.

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