Recruiting Notes To Start A Big Week

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This week should be a big one for UK and also should kick off a month of big time recruiting decisions. Here's a couple of notes on some things we've been hearing through the weekend:

- Marquis Teague had an absolutely huge weekend at the Boo Williams AAU event. I talked briefly with a couple people that were there and they had nothing but praise for his performance. When it comes to his decision, the belief is that he hasn't yet made a decision but may have been close to one last week. Since then he has backed off a bit and decided to think things over. UK is in a very good place with Teague right now and as a UK fan you should be all smiles about the recent change of events in Teague's recruitment. UK's staff has done an absolutely incredible job at prying Teague from the grips of UL and now all that's needed is to seal the deal. Teague's plan was to use this weekend and coming week to think his decision over more and there could be some kind of news coming from Marquis soon.

- I haven't talked to anyone that feels anything other than Brandon Knight announcing for UK this Wednesday. The feeling is that Knight has already made his decision but Knight's family has been superb when it comes to keeping a tight lid on his recruitment. That's why you have to sort of take any "rumors" with a grain of salt. Still, its a pretty good sign that everyone feels UK is in a league of their own with Knight as we near the finish line.

- Another kid that could be a huge addition to UK's back court in 2010, Terrence Ross, has told reporters (HT: Aaron) that he plans on visiting, in order, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Washington. His final five consists of those schools plus Oregon and Kansas. Wherever Terrence Jones ends up could have a huge impact on where Ross decides to go.

- Did you see Enes Kanter this weekend? Wow. He broke Dirk Nowitzki's scoring record with a 34 point performance at the Nike Hoop Summit. It should also be noted that it came against Jared Sullinger, who is the consensus #1 big man in the 2010 class. Kanter is going to be something special at UK next year. Greg Doyel also reported this weekend that Kanter has been cleared by the NCAA clearing house so the deal with legislation possibly passing in August may not be so important anymore. But it definitely can't hurt.

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