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Remember that guy above? I bet you dont. That is of course internet legend Nasir Robinson, a combo player out of the 08 class that gained internet fame and fortune based upon an interview that he did where he said that he had grown up a Kentucky fan and was interested in attending school in Lexington. At that time, we learned more about his strengths (athleticism) and weaknesses (shooting), and we figured that Robinson would be part of the developing drama of the 08 recruiting class. Well, then again, maybe not. Turns out Nasir Robinson has committed to Pitt, and for all intents and purposes, Kentucky never really made itself a factor during the process. What does this mean? Well if Kentucky gets Darius Miller, then nothing. But if they dont.....well then, dont get me started. Now onto the day's events.... (1) Tonight on our ESPN show we were scheduled to have two recruits join us, including one surprise. The second of those recruits (and the surprise) had to postpone (no one guessed who it was by the way, (Jurick) and we hope he will be the first guest on the first show that will be streaming live on the internet.....more to come in the next few days on that) but the first was able to come on, none other than Stephon Pettigrew. It was an interesting interview to say the least in which Pettigrew confirmed that UK has re-established contact but said, "they still dont do anything but send me text messages." He admitted to being a little frustrated by the schools lack of attention saying, "it does bother me." He has been getting calls from Ole Miss, UMASS and Missouri in recent weeks and says that a lot of coaches have been "turning up the heat." I found the whole conversation very interesting and I must say it confirms my frustration on the subject. If a school like Ole Miss ends up taking Stephon (and Andy Kennedy is a great recruiter) because UK did not do its due diligence and we end up without our big three (Patterson, Lucas and Moses), well then that is a misstep in my view. (2) Sometimes things are simply surreal in the internet world. The saga of former UK football commitment Demetrius Goode is maybe just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen on the internet. For those of you not following the news, to make matters simple, some random poster on the internet said that he knew Goode and that Goode was decommitting from UK because of the fact that internet posters had said things about his grades' status. Hearing this, a group of poster on another site decided to send messages to Goode to "win him back over." I wont say these messages are lame....but they are amazingly lame. Here are a couple.... Mr. Goode, please come to UK. Everyone wants you here and you would be a tremendous back for us in the future. We are sorry if you got offended by some posts on here, but hey.. how many other schools have thousands of fans on forums wishing for kids to play here and praising our uprising football program As you know by now being the young man that you are, you will always have people in life tell you that you can not do something. It's up to you to PROVE THEM WRONG. I know you can do anything you set your mind to! Don't let a few neg. post take something away from you that you will cherish the rest of your life. We NEED YOU to suit up for the blue and white, then look in the stands the first time you pop that big gainer and see how much support you really have. We're on the verge of something very special here at UofK, come be a part of it. Remember the few post that you read on here represent a very small percentage of the Big Blue Faithful. Look at the tape of the UK vs. Clemson game, you will find very few institutions that support their team as much as we do. Good luck young man. Come be a part of a yeat to remember!!!!! Go Big Blue! The internet is great isnt it.... (3) UK is really turning up the heat on 08 power forward Kevin Jones out of New York. Scott Rigot has been a fixture at a number of his games in recent weeks and Jones has mentioned that he is hearing more and more from the Cats. Jones is exactly the "new" type of UK recruit, long and athletic with the potential to play defense. I keep saying this, but I am working on our 08 recruiting guide, and it is clear that Jones will be a big part of UK's gameplan during this summer.....a summer where it is imperative that UK do some early damage. (4) For those of you who want to say that UK has accomplished nothing in the SEC so far, look at tonight's results. Alabama goes on the road and gets WHIPPED by Vanderbilt. Georgia goes into Arkansas and gets the big redhead Steve Newman (formerly known as the goofy white guy on Georgia not named Joey Waldrop) to hit a game winning shot, Tennessee loses on the road to an Auburn team that UK beat by 27 and Ole Miss goes into LSU and gives them all they want at home. Folks wins are wins in the SEC this year as teams are capable of beating anyone (remember taht South Carolina beat USC on the road this season). There still is a lot of season left to play, but the SEC is super tough and UK's position right now is enviable....just ask Bruce Pearl and his three straight losses. More to come today. Be watching as Rob Gidel begins his countdown to signing day this weekend with Audio reports on the recruits we have and the recruits we want. There are Episodes of the show upcoming and some recruiting work that will be paying off very soon. We have been extremely busy with the site recently as we prepare for the new site design, some new Kentucky Sports Radio business opportunites and an important announcment about the future of the show on both the internet and radio. It is a busy time, so bear with us, but again thanks for stopping by.....

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