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Matt Jones08/08/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
If I could find one consistent theme in the emails that you folks send me ([email protected]), it is that you want any and all recruiting information that I might have. As a matter of fact, people often tell me that they would like ANYTHING that I may have to give, regardless of whether I think it is significant. Because of that, I will in the coming months share what I am hearing at various points in the recruiting process. But before I do this I must make one LOUD disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: All information you will see here is subject to change. I will only post information from sources that I think are (a) credible and (b) trustworthy. Much information I hear gets discarded upon entry into my narrow brain. Having said that, these are 17 year old kids and NO ONE really knows for sure what they will do. If I put it on here, it is the information as I have been told. Put simply, I only put information on here that I PERSONALLY think is credible. Whether you think it is credible is completely up to you. With that three things: (1) I said on here a few days ago that a rumor was going around that Patrick Patterson and JJ Hickson were in a situation where the first to commit to Florida would likely lead to the other to commit to Kentucky. I didnt really trust that rumor then and after finding its source, I trust it less now. But this I do know. I spoke with someone two days ago who speaks with Patrick often. According to this individual, Patterson is still open and is truly considering one of four schools. He will likely visit all of these schools at which time things may change, but at this time, my source says that Duke is the leader, with Kentucky close behind and Florida and Wake behind the top two. The individual said that he believed Patrick could end up at any of the four schools, but the person believed that it would ultimately be Duke or Kentucky. I was told recently that due to everyone's use of the word "source", I should rank the believability of sources. That is a good idea as some info is certainly better than others. With that in mind, I will say that this source is very good and probably as close as I can get to solid info absent me moving to Huntington (which I hear is great this time of year). I think everyone has to be patient with this recruitment as it will be long and stories will come on all sides. One day it may be one school, one day the other. But this information jives with the general feeling I have had as well in following the conversations with Patrick. I do believe it is wide open, but the bettor's morning line favorite as of right now (to me) would be Duke. (2) There is a lot of talk that someone "off the radar screen" may end up being UK's first commitment of the year. An individual just this evening told me that Kentucky is recruiting guys that "you internet folks dont even know the Cats are in with" and that one of these may be an early September recruit. Obviously without a name this information is hard to disprove, but it did raise the spector to me that Kentucky may be looking at more guys than we think.....which could explain why so few guards and small forwards to this point have been reported as UK targets. (3) I am hearing very good things about the Morris twins. A couple of people whose opinions I respect a great deal have told me that these kids are the real deal and would be "perfect Kentucky players." According to one of these individuals, they play hard, are team oriented and are still improving every day. They are also quite reclusive and very hesitant to speak to recruiting media. But one source says "Kentucky is in as good a position with them as anybody." We shall see. So there it is, a little info. I am just passing it along and you should take it for whatever you want it. In other news, our first radio show will be taped this Sunday (YEAH!!!!). We have a couple of GREAT guests (including two 07 basketball recruits that all will want to hear from) lined up and it will be our first go around with the new crew. I cant wait and I hope you folks are looking forward to it

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