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 - With the SEC looking horribly down and Kentucky seeming to get better with each passing game, it should probably not be a surprise that Joe Lunardi thinks the Cats will be sitting pretty in March.  But, it's at least a little surprising that Lunardi has UK primed to be a #1 seed in the 2011 tournament.  In an insider story today (here), Lunardi said that he thinks that the Cats should be back in the top 10 right now and that he sees them winning their conference and taking one of the four top seeds in the NCAA Tournament.  When you sit down and look at the schedule, it doesn't seem too far-fetched.  - Each month, Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch (who looks a lot like Pete Thamel in his picture) puts together his media rankings and dishes out kudos and criticism to the guys who are generally doing it on a nightly basis.  Today, he published the end of the year edition and gave Colin Cowherd the award for Worst Rant of 2010 after he blasted John Wall for several days over things that were both asinine and completely irrelevant.  Cowherd earnst he prestigious distinction of winning worst rant and also winning honorable mention for worst rant.  Our buddy Gregg Doyel also factors in the 2010 awards for his feud with Jay Mariotti.  Thamel is nowhere to be found.  - A quick clarification for those of you looking to get ERupption Zone tickets for tonight's game.  The tickets will be available 90 minutes before the game at the Rupp Arena box office, not the UK ticket office.  I misspoke on the night post and fear the potential danger my family would have been in should you have gone to the wrong office.  - A quick note on Tom Crean, who is now catching some long overdue heat in Bloomington after losing at home to Penn State.  In his nine seasons without Dwyane Wade, Crean has won 20 games only three times and made only three NCAA tournaments.  Also, Wade was not a recruiting coup, but rather a stroke of luck after poor academics and a late growth spurt left him with only offers from Marquette, DePaul and Illinois State.  The sheer fact that he hasn't been feeling the heat yet is both a testament to the media lovefest with his "good guy" persona and the poser status of IU as a national basketball power.   - Don't forget to tune in to night at 6:30 for the UK-Coppin State Live Blog.  We will probably be taking dating questions by the 10 minute mark. That's it for now.  In case you missed Kentucky Sports Radio this morning, check out the UK-U of L trash talking below.  We're having a problem with the widget, so you'll have to open each hour separately.  Deal with it. HOUR 1 HOUR 2

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