Reds manager dropped 77 F-bombs last night

Drew Franklinover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Bryan Price is ******* fed up with the ******* media coverage around his ******* baseball team. Price went the **** off last night on reporters who have been ******* tweeting roster news Price would like to keep the **** in house. He wants to know how the ******* Reds benefit from some stuff getting out. It's not the media's job to ******* report every ******* thing about the Reds, he says. He's really ******* pissed off about it, too. Listen to the ******* audio from Price below. He says **** 77 times in six ******* minutes. As much I ******* love the meltdown, Price couldn't be any more wrong about this. It's not the media's ******* job to help the Reds win baseball games. The ******* reporters are around to report every ******* thing they can to the fans. Deal with it, Price. It's 2015, everyone wants all the ******* information they can get, and Twitter is king. **** he was mad.

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