Regrets, He's Had A Few

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
LonChaneyPhantom">Oops, meant John, not Lon Coach Cal has his share of coaching rivalries.  From Pitino to Jim Calhoun, Phil Martelli to Mike Jarvis, but perhaps no incident stands out as much as when John Chaney crashed a Cal press conference after a tense game between Temple and UMass in 1994.  Upset that Calipari was allowed to berate the referees after the game while he was suspended for much the same thing the previous week, Chaney stormed in on Cal's press conference and began shouting at him.  If this wasn't enough of a breach of etiquette, Chaney stormed the podium threatening "I'll kill you!" and "When I see you, I'ma kick your ass!".  Video evidence: "> Surely this can be attributed to a heat-of-the-moment outburst, right?  By all accounts, the two have been friends since the incident, with Cal scheduling a home and home series with Temple when he arrived at Memphis.  But has Chaney completely let it go?  In an interview today with Temple's student newspaper, Chaney said he had a major regret- "I regret the language I used with Calipari.  I should have waited until the game was over and then took him outside and beat the hell out of him."

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