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Reid Travis weighs in on whether or not players should be paid

The debate over whether or not college players should be paid rages on, and with one of the brightest, most mature Wildcats to come through the program on today’s show, it only made sense to pick his brain on the subject. Reid Travis said he believes players should be paid, but praised the progress the NCAA has made on the matter since he started college in 2014.

“I do. I feel like there should be some type of compensation. Just being in college as long as I have, I know it’s a struggle sometimes to make ends meet, especially if your family doesn’t come from much money. I definitely would say, the hours that you put in and just the taxing on your body, you don’t have much time to get revenue from other sources.

“But I will say, I’ve seen the progression over the last five years as far as aid and different things as far as cost of attendance and ways that they help you out to give you money. So, it’s definitely gotten a lot better, but ultimately, I think there should be some kind of compensation.”

As for the other hot button issue, no, he doesn’t think players should be forced to go to college for a year before going to the NBA.

“No,” Reid said. “I feel like if you’re ready, you’re ready. At the end of the day, that’s between you and your family to make the decision that’s best for you. I think stopping that progress if kids show that they’re ready and it’s their time to do it, I feel like they should have the right and freedom to do so.”

Can Reid take Mark Emmert’s place, please?


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