Resilient Cats Searching for 40-Minute Performance

Nick Roushover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


We've seen the best and worst from Kentucky in the last two games.  We've also seen two wins. Marred by inconsistency, the Kentucky Wildcats found a way to make a pair of dramatic comebacks against two different styles of basketball.  They were forced to fight in the second half because they did not bring enough energy in the first half.  Nick Richards has a theory as to why. "I think we just lose focus on being together.  We as a team need to get better at that, listen to our coaches and follow directions and we'll be good." Filling in for the ailing John Calipari, Tony Barbee said at today's press conference the team is focused on playing a complete basketball game.  In the two wins the Cats proved they are a resilient group that is unwilling to relent.  Now they must prove they can fight for 40 minutes. "We like that we've come back.  We don't want to constantly dig ourselves holes, especially against good teams like we've played," Barbee said.  "We like the resilience of this team.  They don't hang their heads when they get down and they collectively fight together to get back in the game.  Now we gotta figure out how we bottle that up and get us to start the game that way." [mobile_ad]

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