Return of the Ugly White Guys!!!

by:Matt Jones12/02/05

There is a stunning development in college basketball this season. When one looks around the country to find the best players, they are shocked to discover that a number of them are, ugly white guys. Not since the days of Larry Bird, Danny Ainge and Kelly Tripucka have those who are aesthetically scary and of a paler skin tone found such national prominence. At Duke, JJ Redick is in his final season of his eight year career with the Blue Devils, smacking the floor, hitting threes and hoping that a cure for backne is found in the coming years. At Nevada, Nick Fazekas has finally gained the national attention he deserves, gunning down Kansas (but then again who has not gunned down Kansas) and showing a versatility that may lead him to declare early for the draft.

However both of these guys are being overshadowed by the man with the splotty moustache, Adam Morrison of Gonzaga. For those of you have not been fortunate enough to see the Zags, they may be the most entertaining team in America. While they get contributions from J.P. Batista (who obviously must be taking a break from WWE Smackdown) and a point guard that looks like an extra from Hoosiers, the star of the show is the guy who looks like a stagehand for Soundgarden, Mr. Morrison. With an uncanny ability to beat people off the dribble, fire threes from all corners and play steady defense, Adam may very well be playing himself into the lottery. At this point in the season, he is likely the National Player of the Year, and one has to wonder if he will continue his greatness.

The common denominator for these guys that announcers will only term to be “gritty” and “leaders on the floor” is that they can score a variety of ways, while finding a way to maintain their complete lack of beauty. While the three may be nothing to look at, their talent has truly shone through lately and they are one of the early stories of the season.

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