Reviewing The Red Shirts Part 1

Reviewing The Red Shirts Part 1

Shawn Bridwellalmost 14 years


Aritcle written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
Yesterday I broke down the commitments of the 2008 class through the current date, and today we will begin what will be a three part series in what comes by popular demand, the review of the 2007 red shirt freshman class. Enjoy. Antwane Glenn 6'4 245-Defensive End Spartanburg (SC) Broome High School Coach Said: “Antwane is going to be a massive man,” Quay Farr said. “He has a wide body. By the time he’s a junior and senior, I could see him being a 290-pound defensive end. He’s a good pass rusher with great leverage in keeping offensive linemen away from him. He’s also really smart, an honor-roll student who will represent Kentucky very well.” #45 Antwane Glenn Red shirt Season Evaluation: Glenn arrived on campus with a impressive physique that definitely will retain much more muscle mass that will be gained in the future. Has great size for a defensive end, and a hell of a work ethic. With Jamil Paris struggling, and the loss of Dominic Lewis to graduation, don't be surprised if Glenn sees a significant number of snaps in 2008 as he has been a consistent performer all season on the scout team. Stuart Hines 6'5 285-Offensive Tackle Bowling Green (KY) Bowling Green High School Coach Said: “The number one thing about Stuart is that he’s very athletic for a big guy,” Wallace said. “He’s very intelligent, coachable, and has a great work ethic. He expects to win and produce, (an attitude) which will help him at the next level.” #70 Stuart Hines Red shirt Season Evaluation: Hines was extremely close to contributing as a true freshman, however at the last minute Brooks and staff decided to red shirt the big fella to allow for more growth and experience for the future. Super athletic and a willingness to get better every day, Stuart will be a major part of the offensive line as early as next season. Strength gain is the biggest goal for Hines in the off season, as his technique and ability are soaring with high marks. Brandon Jackson 5'11 195-Running Back Eugene (OR) Marist High School Coach Said: “Brandon has always had the speed, the hands, and the moves,” Rosenbach said, “but the big thing this year was that he got bigger and stronger. He became a physical back who can run inside as well as outside. He has great vision and power and catches the ball well out of the backfield. He’s a rare talent.” #9 Brandon Jackson Red shirt Season Evaluation: Brandon Jackson was a late pickup for Coach Brooks right out of his ol' stomping ground in Oregon. Jackson is a big time athlete with the ability to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. Really not sure what the plans are with the running back depth being so deep at the time. They could try him at several different positions of need including receiver and defensive back. However, Brooks is known to give his players the shot of playing the position that they desire, and as Jackson showed in high school he is one heck of a running threat. Keep an eye on the status of Brandon as it will be interesting to see exactly what they do with him. He did play running back on scout team this season. Matt Lentz 6'4 203-Qauterback Greenville (SC) Greenville High School Coach Said: Matt is a total team player,” Sosebee said. “He was the first guy in the weight room and on the practice field and the last guy off. He’s a natural leader, his desire to win is incredible. He has a cannon for an arm. His potential is unlimited.” #10 Matt Lentz Red Shirt Season Evaluation: Matt Lentz has had the opportunity to learn from a great one Andre Woodson. He has been willing to learn and take in any and everything Woodson is willing to teach in order to become a great quarterback. The big question mark regarding Lentz is his arm strength. It is not bad, but is it good enough for the SEC? It is no where near the caliber of Woodson and lacking behind Hartline for that matter. He has all the tools and intangibles to be a good quarterback, but arm strength can really hold one back in this league full of rifles. Chris Drayton 6'1 196-Saftey/Outside linebacker Evans (GA) Lakeside High School Coach Says: “Chris has incredible work ethic and ability,” Hill said. “He is very versatile and is a coachable player. His quickness is his strongest attribute. He just gets where he needs to be and his decision-making is excellent.” #15 Chris Drayton Red Shirt Season Evaluation: The coaching staff for the Wildcats have a few different ideas in mind when it comes to this hard hitting safety. With the departure of Wesley Woodyard, Drayton is built in the same mold as the athletic running knock your head off Woodyard. The plans were to eventually make him an outside linebacker, but from reports he hasn't progressed as well as they thought he would, and may stay at safety. Mixed reports on that so don't hold me to it, but a lot of people thought Chris would play as a true freshman, which didn't happen. Either way, there is a ton of upside with Chris as his ceiling to improve is extremely high.

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