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In case you hadn't heard, Rex Chapman has been contributing college basketball analysis to this season -- yes, we're very jealous -- and today he has a very good piece on Nerlens Noel.  The former Kentucky star churned out over 1,200 words about Noel's ACL injury, what it was like to watch the injury on live television, and how he's gotten to know Noel over the past few months. His advice to Noel at the end of the article was my favorite part: Injuries and rehab are every bit a part of basketball as are blocked shots and floor burns. So, Nerlens, take it fast and it won’t last. Take it slow and you’ll go. Try to rest up and enjoy it all – from the rehab itself to the ice baths afterwards. From the tears of frustration and those of pain to every little stride you make between now and the time we get to see you back healthy -— as a bigger, better and badder Nerlens Noel on the basketball court. Take a deep breath and exhale. Look around and take it all in. Because I promise, you’ll be back on the grind before you know it, homeboy. You can read the rest here. 

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