Rex Grossman's Tuesday News and Views

Rex Grossman's Tuesday News and Views

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Lots to get to here tonight and very little time.....hopefully will be back to normal by tomorrow night: Confirmation today from Marshall Moses that the visit is set up for this weekend, but is still "subject to change." The plan is for him to come and stay through Monday. At this point, other schools are looking at Moses, but he still only mentions Kentucky and North Carolina State as those he wants to visit. My Chicago Bears sure looked good tonight didnt they. Losing Tommie Harris hurts, but the Bears once again showed why everyone on pregame NFL shows are complete fools. All said on Sunday that the Cowboys were the best team in the NFC.....they get drilled at home....Bears beat the Rams on the road. Idiots, all..... There is absolutely no truth to the rumor of Morris leaving for the NBA. As I stated in the below article, there was an agreement by all parties when Morris was allowed back on the team that he would stay through the end of his junior year. Morris is too good a young man to break that agreement. Plus as good as he is playing, he is not worth the bad publicity that would come if an NFL team tried to pick him off. Heard another rave review today about Ramon Harris. He has become a force on this team not only on the court, but off as well. He supposedly gets along wonderfully with his teammates and the guys are raving about his potential. I still suspect Ramon to be slowly brought along this year.....but by next season, I think we will be very happy with what we have. Just for the record, there is a Facebook group called Quit Hatin on Sheray designed to criticize those who booed him at the game on Saturday. Jared Carter posted a comment to the group's message board saying "lost alot of respect for the crowd after that one not gonna lie." Hope folks remember that in the future..... I have heard that one of the schools (not UK) is contemplating giving Jai Lucas an ultimatum and telling him he must make a decision soon or they will move on.....poor move if true. Lucas has many options and can most certainly wait. Folks if you havent seen him yet, go catch this kid Jacob Jenkins from Manual High Schoolin Louisville. Sophomore who can fill it up. Went to UK for a Midnight Madness unofficial visit and has grown up a UK fan....even in Louisville. This is a kid that in two years, state fans will be DROOLING over. Go see him now and you can tell your friends you knew about him first. ;) It bears mentioning that Ravi Moss, alumnus of UHA and from Hopkinsville, says he does not believe Scotty Hopson will ultimately end up at Mississippi State. This conforms with what a lot of people I have spoken with think as well. May not be time to give up on this train just yet.....although if the Cats get Darius Miller, it wont be quite as important. Finally, I am hearing that the players are working on a team rap song that will include sections on each player. PLEASE BE TRUE!!!! If so, the Woo verse will seriously be my happiest moment since the time I danced with Janet Reno. The show should be up this morning or afternoon (cross your fingers). Look for it and scroll down for the stories you have missed if you have yet to see them.....

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