Richie Farmer's Plea Deal Accepted

Corey Nicholsabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Richie Farmer The latest in Richie Farmer's ongoing legal drama is in, and the Executive Branch Ethics Commission has agreed to the former "Unforgettable's" plea deal that he made last week.  The deal will include "the largest ethics fine in state history," according to the Daily Journal.  It also includes a record for most counts against a Kentucky official. The deal comes in lieu of a possible 10 years in prison and a maximum $1,000,000 fine, which would have been merited under the counts levied against him.  Instead, Farmer is looking at up to 27 months of prison time and $120,500 of compensatory payment. The agreement, however, is contingent on a guilty plea by Farmer, who previously plead "not guilty."  Previously scheduled to appear in court in October, Richie will instead appear before a judge on Friday to enter a "guilty" plea. This looks like it should resolve a lot of the questions left in Farmer's protracted pitfall.  We'll see exactly what punishment the judge enters on Friday, and maybe after that we can go on forgetting the Unforgettable.

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