Rick Barnes asking Paolo Banchero about his girlfriend is weird, right?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 2 years


Paolo Banchero is a top five prospect in the 2021 class who’s mulling a move to 2020, so of course he’s receiving a ton of attention from college coaches across the country; in fact, one coach went so far as to pry into Banchero’s dating life.

In a blog post for USA Today High School Sports, Banchero described a conversation with Rick Barnes in which the Tennessee head coach asked about his girlfriend.

We just talked about everyday stuff, and then he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him yes, and then he said is she cute. Haha!

Of course, I said yes, and then he said he was sure she wouldn’t mind me coming to Knoxville, Tennessee.

To be fair, Banchero said the conversation was the coolest one he’s had with a coach recently because they talked about things other than basketball, but does Barnes asking if his girlfriend is cute come off as a little creepy to anyone else? Chill, Rick.

As for Kentucky’s impression on Banchero, he said the first time he got a text from John Calipari, he was so starstruck he took a screenshot and sent it to his parents. Same with Coach K. Also, he’s confident he’ll be able to reclassify and he likes the new Rick Ross and Drake albums.

Check out the rest at USA Today High School Sports.


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