Rick Bozich, Twitter, and an "N Bomb"

Drew Franklinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


bozich Break yo'self, fool. I'm just tryna be hip. Last night during Louisville's blowout win loss at home to Villanova, the Courier Journal's Rick Bozich re-tweeted a message containing the "n" word that I bet he'd like to take back. For those of you that aren't familiar with Twitter, a re-tweet is when you simply share someone else's message to your own followers. In this case, Bozich was re-tweeting former Louisville basketball player Brandon Jenkins. From Rick Bozich's Twitter: bozichtwitter2 Once again, these words were not Bozich's own. But, what the hell was he thinking? This isn't the same as me rapping along with Biggie to "Juicy" when I'm alone in my car. This is a highly respected columnist with the Courier Journal passing along a derogatory term to his 3,000 Twitter followers. Hours later, Rick issued an apology on Twitter saying he was only sharing Jenkins thoughts on the Louisville game.  Unfortunately, he used poor judgment and a trigger happy RT finger when doing so. Moral of the story: Twitter is dangerous.

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