Rick Pitino and Christian Laettner Team Up to Mock "The Shot"

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
christian You want something to get your blood warmed up on a Friday afternoon? How about this piece of news from a KSR spy (we really are everywhere) that has me thinking somewhat evil thoughts. According to a KSR source, Vitamin Water is producing a new television ad featuring Christian Laettner and Rick Pitino which is likely to run throughout the NCAA Tournament. According to the source, the advertisement was shot yesterday in Louisville and will show Laettner following Pitino around his house making "the shot" over and over to torment him. The two principals to the event (neither of whom is exactly in good favor in Big Blue Nation) are the only ones involved in the shoot and the former Kentucky players are not part of the advertisement campaign. There are pictures of the shoot below....so my question is this: How does the Big Blue Nation feel about the Vitamin Water campaign taking the most famous shot in college basketball history and the most painful loss in UK history and having the former coach (who now coaches the arch-rival) profiting off the misery? I am sure it will be funny and I dont mind the parody....but Rick isnt here any more....and thus it does rub me a little bit wrong. I mean Laettner can do whatever he wants, but Pitino is now the coach of the Cards and is making an ad that he KNOWS will infuriate (or at least bring up bad memories) his former Cat nation. Yet he still does it, makes whatever check he will make off the proceedings and marches on down the street. I could deal with this if Rick were still at UK, but with him at Louisville, it sort of ticks me off. Am I off base? Here are some shots from the shoot....I gotta give credit to our spy here for showing that the Big Blue Nation truly is everywhere. This was supposed to be a surprise commercial....guess not now:

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