Rick Pitino writing checks his ass can't cash

Rick Pitino writing checks his ass can't cash

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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Rick Pitino picked up a commitment from Jordan Nwora, the No. 21 small forward in the class, Wednesday morning. Good for him and all that. (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) But what's interesting, and hilarious, is, Nwora said his decision to join the Cardinals' recruiting class came down to a promise from Rick Pitino to put him in the league "fast." From Adam Zagoria:
“They told me I could come in and make a big impact right away and play a lot of minutes as a freshman,” Nwora said Wednesday by phone. “Coach [Rick] Pitino said he knows for sure that he can get me to the league [NBA] fast. So him and Coach [Kenny] Johnson made it clear that I would be able to come in and make an impact right away and play a lot and get to the league. [ZagsBlog]
Now that is laugh out loud funny. Pitino telling kids he can put them in the league, fast? What happened to valuing relationships with his players and leaving the one-and-done route to Kentucky? What about the fact there are more Kentucky players on the Phoenix Suns than Louisville players in the entire league? Kentucky wasn't recruiting Nwora, so there's no hard feelings here, but it's quite hilarious Pitino is promising kids a direct path to the league these days. THERE ARE THREE UofL PLAYERS IN THE NBA! Ask Montrezl Harrell about sticking around. Ask him what Pitino did for his NBA chances. “Coach Pitino said he knows for sure that he can get me to the league fast." cal-laugh    

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