Rickie Fowler's Girlfriend's Outfit's Monday News and Views

Rickie Fowler's Girlfriend's Outfit's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 6 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
proxy photo by Getty images Here is my hope. I hope you spent at least part of this weekend with your mother and family and thus were not worried about who UK was recruiting or whether the Cats were going to have a top 5 preseason team next season. My guess is you did. I spent Sunday going to church with my mother (at Immanuel Baptist where the people were quite nice to us), eating lunch (Saul Good, which was saul good) and walking through Gratz Park (where it looked as if all the state's hippies had come to gather and sell their crafts). It was a wonderful time. But afterwards, I watched the great final round of the Player's Championship which featured the first big victory for Rickie Fowler and his girlfriend. Look, the golf was great as the final round was crazy close and produced a three way playoff for the ages. But the great moments on the course (including the sly cocky stare of Sergio after he made his put on 17) were upstaged by the outfit of Fowler's girlfriend on 18. Fowler's lady is undoubtedly beautiful and is also a bikini model, which at times nowadays can just mean a girl on Instagram who finds clothes restricting but in Rickie's case actually means a woman paid to pose in bikinis. She has become famous, seems like a wonderful person and I am sure loves America. But she also made her national television debut dressed like she was going to see Kenny Chesney at Riverbend. Now don't get me wrong...she is gorgeous and not one red-blooded male at KSR could text anything to the others that didn't involve how much we were all collectively in love with her. But women seemed to have a different reaction and it did make me wonder...do cut off jean shorts (with the pockets longer than the denim...a look that I hated at first but maybe has grown on me slightly) and a yellow piece of fabric masquerading as a shirt belong at a major championship? For me, I can support it. I freely admit that at times I have a little of the Confederate Railroad taste in women, but I if Rickie's lady is going to take the next step from "bikini model" to "Real Housewives of the PGA Tour", she will likely need a suburban mom makeover. The yoga pants work going to Whole Foods honey, but on the court you can't show up Jim Furyk's wife and her capri pants like that. It just isn't done. Because very little happened, I am going to borrow the old trick of sportswriters who have nothing to say...the "Quick thoughts on a lot of subjects"...nothing says you are mailing in a column quite like that and with my vacation just three weeks away, my mind is adrift. Some notes: --- For those of us in the "let nothing happen in the NBA that could at all threaten Calipari being here in Lexington", be thankful that David Blatt didn't get that timeout. With the game tied, Blatt nearly fell on his face trying to call a timeout that the Cavs didn't have and had they lost in that manner...well Lebron would likely have had him deported. Please David, don't screw this up...we need you to remain in the smelly city in north Ohio. --- I love that Kelenna Azubuike came back and graduated from UK this weekend. No one ever at Kentucky dunked the ball harder than Kelenna...yes he may be most remembered for his "look like Tarzan, play like Jane" comment by Tubby, but he was a great player at Kentucky who had to leave too soon because of issues that had nothing to do with him. I was really happy to see him get a moment to finish what he began. --- Bud Dupree is going to be a beast in Pittsburgh...perfect organization for him and he will work his butt off to become a star. I only own two NFL jerseys (Walter Payton and Brian Urlacher...I would like a Jacksonville Jaguars Matt Jones one if anyone knows of one), but Dupree's Steelers uniform is going to be a purchase for me soon. --- I am hearing that Toledo has emerged as a possible candidate to fill in for the UAB game that is lost in 2016. The problem for UK is that to get the game, they may have to play two at Commonwealth and one on the road at Toledo. Who is ready for that road trip? --- I love the Arizona State deal that UK scheduled for basketball. The administration has desperately tried to add a good non conference home game for next season as part of their goal to always have two. Two years from now, UCLA and Kansas (or an Oklahoma school) will come to Rupp, but this year so far UK only had Louisville. The Cats don't want to play another true road game, so finding a marquee team to come play and not require a road game is tough. But Arizona State was good with one game in Rupp and then their home game being in the Bahamas. That is a solid get in order to book a Big 5 conference school and helps make the Rupp schedule much better next year. --- I had a lot of fun with the KSR GOP Governor's Debate on Wednesday. There were most definitely fireworks, but it got pretty good reviews from everyone involved and most importantly the KSR listeners. The new poll for the race comes out this week and it will be interesting to see where all the candidates fall. I really appreciate all the support from everyone involved and will say that it was one of the cooler things we have done here. --- A couple of scheduling things for the website...Freddie Maggard begins as a football writer for KSR this week. I can't tell you how glad we are to have him join the group and become a part of the KSR team. You all have been telling us for some time that the two things you wanted to see upgraded the most on KSR were football and recruiting. With Freddie joining Nick Roush and our other writers, I think you will see the football coverage grow exponentially...especially in the Xs and Os department. I have seen his first couple of posts and I know people will enjoy them. As for the recruiting, stay tuned...we will have more to announce in the near future. --- We are going to have a KSR Golf Scramble in August to celebrate the site's 10th Anniversary. More details are to come but if you are a golfer, think about getting your group together because once we announce, we expect to fill up quickly. It should be a whole lot of fun with the things we have planned. That is all for now...Tyler is on vacation this week, so you get a lot of Drew, more of me than usual and the debut of Freddie (plus a Tomlin night post). Should be a fun week.

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