Ricky Bobby --- Please Be Good!!!

by:Matt Jones08/03/06
Today a movie I have waited on for months now comes out. Of course I am talking about Ricky Bobby....the movie that combines two of my favorite things, Will Ferrell and NASCAR. There are very few times when a movie comes out that I truly HOPE it is good. I mean for the average movie, if it is bad, I find out early and I dont go.....so what? But in this case I am going either way and I have my fingers crossed that it doesnt disappoint. The premise of this movie is cant miss. You just know it HAS to be good. I assume that many of our readers will be seeing this movie this weekend. Use this thread to rant, rave and give your opinions on the flick. Tomorrow will be a nerve wracking day for me as I wait to head to the theatre. In the interim, Ricky Bobby has to be good.....doesnt it?

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