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rick I am starting to occasionally feel old. I dont like that its happening and I try to forget about it when possible, but it is the case that the age is creeping on me. My hairline isnt what it once was, there is some grey trying to peak through and most gatherings I attend now seem to be "hooded sweatshirt-free." Thus reminders of my age are everywhere and my attempts at staying young (which will most certainly continue) are obviously not foolproof. However little has made me feel older recently than the realization that Ricky Schroder is 40. The former Silver Spoons star turns 40 today and it seems almost unfathomable. This is the guy who rode the train in the coolest house for every red-blooded American child in the 1980s. Ricky (who also brought us Alfonso Riberio, originator of the Carlton Dance...the single funniest dance in the history of man and a certainty to be brought out at KSR parties throughout time), really has had a relatively boring career since the heady days of Silver Spoons, and even with appearances on "NYPD Blue" and "Scrubs" (neither of which I have ever seen), it was easy to forget he exists. But there between the announcements of birthdays for Al Green, Jose Rijo, Thomas Jefferson and the "Get Smart" guy, it hit me that Ricky has hit the big 4-0, and with him all teenager from the 80s are no longer children. There is no youth left for the cast of "Different Strokes", "Webster", "Gimme a Break", "Punky Brewster", "Blossom" or any other show of my youth. It is a game changer. But at least I can live vicariously though the mid-30s cast member of Real World-Road Rules Challenge and push old age off for another year. To the notes: --- All the talk today is about Rod Strickland and UK fans have amazingly diverse perspectives on what should happen to him. Today, I have heard strong opinions all over the map from firing him to giving him another chance to forcing rehab and everything in between. As I wrote earlier today, I am a big fan of Rod personally and I hope that no matter what happens, Strickland can land on his feet. My guess (and its only a guess) is that he wont be let go from UK, as it would effectively kill his coaching career. But whatever happens, Calipari knows the situation better than we do, and I think the right call will be made. Still a tough deal and not something UK wanted. --- The most scorned journalist in America, Dan "Does this t-shirt look tight on me" Wolken of Memphis took a shot at Calipari on Twitter suggesting that Calipari having his face on a bourbon bottle doesnt look so great when the assistant gets a DUI. Those two things of course have nothing to do with each other and Wolken's comments on Calipari in general make Pat Forde even shake his head and ask for objectivity. --- UK's newest target is Marcus Thorton from Georgia, a PF who originally committed to Clemson but now has opened it up again since Oliver Purnell left. Thorton is a 3 star player, which has caused some fans to complain...probably the same fans who complain about one and dones as well. Here is a little suggestion to folks who bitch about everything with UK or Calipari....stop it. Just remember where this program was one year ago. Now take a deep breath and watch the next few days unfold. --- As we get ready for a Wednesday - Saturday that will decide UK's 2010 fate, we continue to hear more good vibes on Doron Lamb. Yet another source suggested that our info from Friday about UK's stock rising for the shooter seems to be correct. When it is all said and done, Lamb may be the player who gives UK the greatest impact on the TEAM of anyone in the class. A great three point shooter is big for Cal's system and will open up the floor for everyone else. Cross you fingers that UK's position stays solid between now and Saturday. --- Rick Stansbury told the Starkville media (one guy from the paper and a guy who has a ham radio) that he thought about going to Clemson but changed his mind in the end. I have been told in the past that Stansbury likes KSR...if true, that makes him a-ok with me. Glad you are still in the SEC coach! --- By the way, if the Frosted one Marcy Mag didnt exist, we would have to create him. His daily actions produce more unintentional comedy than anything this side of an episode of Jeopardy starring Sarah Palin. He is truly spectacular and honestly talking Maggard deserves its own summer podcast. --- I dont know if you have ever seen TNA wrestling but it truly is ridiculous. Turned it on this week and it had Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac all still wrestling on the show. No sign of the Ultimate Warrior or otherwise, it could have been Wrestlemania VII. --- It was confirmed this weekend that UK will not play in the new Louisville arena when it plays games in Louisville that arent against the Cards. That decision by the University of Louisville and the city is so petty that it is unbelievable, and the only entities truly hurt are the downtown Louisville businesses. But hey, at least you keep your court sacred. There is going to be a lot going on over the next four weeks, from a recruiting standpoint and as it pertains to those of us on the site. April and May are going to be crazy months and then after that, potentially a summer of goofiness and the next round (in a more condensed fashion) of "Who Wants to be a Blogger". As I wrote on Friday, if you are interested in advertising or hosting a podcast, email me at [email protected] For those of you that have already written, we will be getting back to everyone this week. LIVE BLOG at 4 pm on Wednesday....its Brandon Knight time.

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