Rita Cosby --- The Worst

by:Matt Jones08/30/06
So we all knew Rita Cosby was crazy correct? I mean when you turn on MSNBC (which granted only happens when the other channels are hijacked by "The Tonight Show") and you hear her gravely, "Smokin at the Springs Inn" voice and listen to her jabber on about the latest famous crime case of the day, you do literally want to scream, right? I mean how do these people get television shows. If you were to combine Rita's voice with Nancy Grace's bizarre looks, not only would you have the worst talk show host in America, but you would have a perfect woman for the Turkey Hunter. Yet the above picture, which was taken upon the release of the creepy guy who apparently didnt kill Jean Benet Ramsey (joining Dick Clark, Terrell Suggs, Martina Navritalova and Charles Nelson Reilly in that distinction), showcases that she truly has lost her mind. I mean here is a woman with a television show on an alleged news network, peeping into the man's car as if she was the host of Access Hollywood. Someone needs to stop this woman now. Still even with all her awfulness, I would still rather see her than Bill O Reilly, who if I had my way, would be sentenced to a lifetime of parole supervision of Jeff Reardon.

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