Robinson Gunning for that #1 Spot

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See if you can spot Anthony Davis and Thomas, keep looking, I promise they're there... You guys know Thomas Robinson, right?  He's that one guy on that one team who DIDN'T win the national championship.  Don't get me wrong, he's a helluva player who has, personally, been through a lot more than many of us.  But Alex Kennedy spoke with him today, and Thomas Robinson thinks he can take that #1 draft spot away from Anthony Davis.  Don't hold your breath, T-Rob... Robinson meant no disrespect to Davis, but I do find it tough to believe that anyone would pick any player in this year's draft over Anthony.  In fact, I'll go ahead and guarantee it doesn't happen.  I'll even bet my entire KSR salary on it!  Robinson will be a great NBA player, and word is that he has improved his jumper enough to wow some scouts.  But no matter how much he impresses in the combine and workouts, it's going to be impossible to overshadow the potential and unbelievable freakishness of our very own Anthony Davis. All the prospective outlooks on the July 28th's NBA say that Davis will go #1, but projecting Robinson's draft spot is much more difficult.  Obviously the lottery drawing on May 30th will allow each team's position and needs to dictate the media predictions, but for now, the Robinson is predicted to go second overall in the HOOPSWORLD/USA Today’s latest mock draft.  Climbing from #2 to #1 doesn't seem that hard, but plenty of people don't see Robinson as the likely second pick.  Take a look at CBSsports' Jeff Goodman's draft prospect rankings:
1. Anthony Davis (UK) 2. Brad Beal (UF) 3. Harrison Barnes (UNC) 4. MKG (UK) 5. Andre Drummond (UCONN) 6. Thomas Robinson (KU)
So it looks as if Thomas Robinson could go just about anywhere in the early lottery at this rate.  I will say that I'm a bit surprised at Goodman placing Brad Beal so high, although that kid will be a baller from the wing in the pros.  Just like the rest of you, I'd really like to see Michael Kidd-Gilchrist climb up to that #2 spot. Either way, Anthony Davis won't be moving from that #1 spot.  

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