Rocker is back, and there is gonna be Trouble

Matt Jones09/24/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Now I know that in this reading audience are scores of Atlanta Braves fans from here, there and beyond. We of course have already in past posts traced the history of true, old-school fans who liked the Braves when they were hideous, but there is a place for the new school fans who liked the Braves when they were winning division titles every season and losing in the World Series. Those fans are certainly bandwagoners, but they did help make the Braves "America's Team", so we cant hate on them too much. And for that group of fans, there is no player that brings about more disparate reaction than the human race-baiter John Rocker. On the one hand Rocker had the makings of a fan favorite....he threw hard, he was slightly crazy, he really wanted to win, he was occasionally very good, he hated New York (back when that was ok) and his enthusiasm was contagious. On the other hand, he appeared to be a hardcore racist. So you had to distance yourself from him. When Rocker's fastball was smoking, people looked past his obnoxiousness, when it slowed down, he became enemy number 1 and his career fizzled out. Well now he is back....with freshly flowing locks and he has a new crusade. Rocker is one of the leaders of SPEAK ENGLISH.....a group whose name is so subtle that I am not quite sure what they stand for. However it is being reported that they want Americans to be "forced to learn and speak English." I am not sure how they plan on enforcing this (maybe by tank or a note that tells everyone where to be in order to survive, but no copies will be printed in Spanish or Swahili), but it is certainly a worthy cause. Rocker explains his new desire to stand up for oppressed American English Speakers. Good to see Rocker take a stand.....idiot....

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