Romar vs. Calipari: Know your role

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
owned Pictures, Images and Photos  With a simple phone call last night, the recruiting world went into a frenzy and, most interestingly, a new recruiting rivalry might have hit its full stride.  Depending on what side of the country you're on or what colors you're wearing, the importance of who called who is either extremely relevant or a non-issue.  If Cal called Jones, is that an ethical issue?  If Jones called Cal, is the UK coach free from criticism?  To be honest, I don't really care.  What I do find interesting, though, is the showdown between two normally unconnected schools in the past couple of months.  And, unlike the first time around, this one appears to be getting ugly. If Kentucky is to steal Terrence Jones away from a Washington commitment just a few weeks after landing the previously UW-bound Enes Kanter, the Cats could boast one of America's best frontcourts next season.  And it will be made up entirely of former Huskie commits.  For a school who has a decent basketball program, but whose relevency is greatly outshined by its gridiron program, Washington was on track for one of the nation's best classes to mix with a team that seemed to come together at the end of the season.  Now, they're looking like they might just be a scouting program for the University of Kentucky.  Even if Jones remains committed to Washington, you can expect a little bad blood to exist between a couple of programs you wouldn't normally expect it from. Oh yeah, if you're reading this Lorenzo Romar, I like those shoes.  Go ahead and hand them over.

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