Romero Osby & JaMychal Green at Prather Classic

Romero Osby & JaMychal Green at Prather Classic

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Romero & his sisters

It is clear that Romero Osby is a great kid and an awesome big brother.  Not only is he well spoken and respectful, but he is patient and loving with his little sisters as shown here.  Romero's team, Southern Elite, lost a tough game this afternoon to the mid ranked Georgia Blazers.  Southern Elite is having some major issues with injuries right now with stud PF Darnell Wilks at home along with injuries to Romero (left knee) and a few other players.  It is unknown at this time if they will be able to continue the tournament with only 4 healthy players. I spoke to Romero and he mentioned the following schools in this order:   UofL, LSU, Oklahoma ("Coach Capel is starting to get involved"), Kansas.  And then he says...."and of course Kentucky...they are always on me!  They text me every day and let me know they are really interested".  It is obvious to me that Romero lists the schools in order of who is coming in most recently.  He talks to me enough to know that I am aware of his 'normal' list.   One of the more interesting and honest comments I have heard in a while was when Osby said, "UF has kinda been falling off for some reason.  They are not in contact as much as they have been."  Romero will be appearing live on Kentucky Sports Radio at some point this coming week.

JaMychal Green

  Top 2008 PF JaMychal Green has a list that includes a "who's who" of southern state powerhouse programs.  Georgia Tech, Virginia, Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, UNC and the odd Marquette mention (only out of area team listed).  I asked JaMychal if he was planning on staying in the southern states and he said "Probably...I've got lots of top teams in my area interested.".  JaMychal is a 6-8 power forward with good strength, footwork and post skills.  He is a great rebounder and is not plagued with the all too typical "lazy big man" syndrome.  I know that some have mentioned him in connection with UK, but as of yet, that is not a school on his list. More to come as the tournament's currently halftime of the Atlanta Celtics with Chris Singleton, Derrick Favors vs. Louisiana Select  with #1 player in the nation Greg Monroe.  Obviously, I need to stop typing! Marc Maggard

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