Rajon Rondo ain't scared of your gold medals

Thomas Beisneralmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
The Boston Celtics are torching through their schedule right now and, as the bus driver, Rajon Rondo is becoming something of a media darling.  He's certainly earning a little love with his play on the court this year, but the soft spoken point guard is starting to gain a bit of a following off the court too.  He's getting shoutouts from C-Webb, invited to celebrity parties, posing for GQ and has become a pretty consistent topic on ESPN.  That type of publicity would boost my confidence sky-high and it seems our man Rajon is no different because he challenged gold-medalist Usain Bolt to a race.  Rondo said:

“I challenged him. I told him I don’t think he wants it, though. Yeah, I told him that - you don’t want it. But, I also told him that he might see me in 2012."

Usain, you just got Rondo'd.

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