Roy Williams broke out his ring collection to impress Zion Williamson


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Today, 2018 phenom Zion Williamson posted a new entry to his blog on USA Today High School Sports which includes all of the usual stuff: updates on his game, his life, his recruitment, what music he’s listening to, etc. etc. Williamson is considered the next “it” kid in recruiting circles, which explains why coaches are pulling out all the stops to woo him. Coach K brought the entire Duke coaching staff to Williamson’s house in South Carolina, Calipari and Joel Justus watched him work out at his school, and Roy Williams did as Roy Williams apparently does for big recruits: showed him his ring collection. Williamson took a picture of Roy’s box of rings, which Roy brought along with him on his in-home visit this past weekend:

“He told me he wore his ring from last year all throughout the NCAA Tournament this year,” Williamson wrote. “Then he showed me a ring from the 92-93 Bulls championship that Michael Jordan had made him a replica of. He told me if I work hard enough I could accomplish something like that too.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because Roy did the same thing with Julius Randle back in 2013. It seemed odd to me then and it seems odd to me now, particularly the fact that Roy has a replica of Jordan’s NBA Championship ring. Regardless, Williamson was impressed and gave the visit with Roy a 10/10 “because he’d just won a national championship and he took the time to come and see me.” Ugh.

Meanwhile, Williamson also gave his in-home visit with Coach K and the Duke staff a 10. No ranking for Cal’s visit, but he did call getting an offer from Kentucky and Cal an honor. In a testament to what a rock star Williamson has become, he also discussed his budding friendship with Drake and Quavo, a rapper so new and hip that I had no idea who he was.

To read Williamson’s blog for yourself, click here. Then watch Williamson dunk all over fools in the video below.



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