Roy Williams "dumbfounded" by corruption in college basketball
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Roy Williams "dumbfounded" by corruption in college basketball

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Even before the FBI’s investigation into college basketball went public last fall, the corruption in the sport was no secret. Given the growth of shoe-sponsored summer leagues and monster deals between the same shoe companies and college basketball’s biggest programs, to believe all recruitments are squeaky clean is naive; however, Roy Williams claims he had no clue stuff like what is being exposed in the college hoops trial happens, even though he’s been in the sport for the last three decades.

“It’s a massive thing that’s still going on, and I’m just dumbfounded,” Williams said at North Carolina’s Media Day yesterday. “I had somebody criticize me and say ‘you shouldn’t be dumbfounded.’ Well, excuse me, I have my right to have my own feelings. That world that they’re explaining out there I’m not familiar with. Period. In 30 years as a head coach I have never had anyone ask me for money. I have never asked any shoe company to recruit for me. I have never asked anyone other than the family what is most important to you.

“So that world, people act like it goes on all the time, it does not go on all the time. It is a world I’m not familiar with.”

Not involved with? Sure, I could believe that. But not even being aware that stuff like this happens? Come on, Roy.


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