I dare you to walk a mile in Roy Williams' shoes

Thomas Beisnerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Hmm, maybe my pedicurist will feel my pain. Mired in the worst season of his career and only one season removed from a national championship, North Carolina head coach Roy Williams faces the potential of a final nail falling in his NIT (or worse) coffin tonight when his team faces Duke tonight. History has shown us that most coaches will shake off disappointment and possible doom by saying "it's just another game" or "it's just basketball" when entering a game of this magnitude. Not Roy Williams, though.  Nope, he recognizes that his Tar Heels are in all-out disaster mode. The kind of disaster that requires telethons and worldwide support and prayers. Or at least that's what I got from this statement to Sports Illustrated (and linked on Deadspin):
Our massage therapist told me, 'You know, coach, what happened in Haiti is a catastrophe. What you're having is a disappointment,' " said Williams. "I told her that depends on what chair you're sitting in. It does feel like a catastrophe to me, because it is my life."
Oh boy, Roy.  It's going to take a whole lot of "aww, shucks" to get out of this one.

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