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espn I know that some of you come to this site strictly for the unique insight that Matt Jones provides. Others come here for for the witty banter while others seek the gospel of the man, the myth, the legend that is BTI. That being stated, I think we can all agree that one of the staples of the site is the excellent reporting that Dustin Rumbaugh provides. His recruiting interviews, reviews, and breaking news stories are invaluable. Apparently, ESPN agrees. If you have an ESPN INsider account, check out the love they show Dustin specifically and KSR in general here. I'll snip the relevant piece for those that either don't want to financially contribute to the Death Star of Sports or don't have a buddy that can loan them a password:
Quinn Cook is a class of 2011 point guard and according to an interview with Dustin Rumbaugh at, Kentucky is recruiting him pretty hard: "... the guards they have could be one and done or the 2010 point guard they get could be one and done and he just wants me to see how they use Eric Bledsoe and John Wall, etc."
The piece they reference is here. Great job, Mr. Rumbaugh. We appreciate it.

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