Rumor Smackdown: April 6, 2012

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Aritcle written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
Hello, friends. Well, we all knew it was coming. The inevitable flurry of rumors furthered by chattering mouths after the glow of the Championship fades. We here at Kentucky Sports Radio, ever-vigilant to the truth, would like to provide you a quick rundown of the many rumors floating around as of today, April 6, and dispel any which may not be substantial. So let's get right into the Rumor Smackdown, shall we? Bring on them rumors! Bring 'em! ------ Rumor: John Calipari to leave Kentucky and coach the New York Knicks. Status: False. Though John Calipari has mentioned that he will attend some NBA games this spring, he told ESPN's Andy Katz on Wednesday that "Kentucky is the best job in basketball coaching. Why would I leave? We just won the national title." He also tweeted Wednesday for the Big Blue Nation to "Relax. Enjoy the championship. I'm not going anywhere." ----- Rumor: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will enter the NBA Draft in 2012. Status: Unconfirmed. While Kidd-Gilchrist has hinted that he might prefer to stay all four years at Kentucky, detractors claim the money-earning potential of a top spot in the draft will be hard to turn down. In postgame interviews after Kentucky's February 25 win over Vanderbilt, the forward told press "I'm graduating here." Kidd-Gilchrist's mother has been noncommittal in tweets, saying that the decision is "whatever Michael wants." ------ Rumor: Billy Donovan Called John Calipari the morning after the Championship to "tell him what to expect." Status: True. John Calipari tweeted early Tuesday morning that his first call of the day was from the Florida coach, who offered "advice on all the aftermath that I will have to deal with by winning a title." Allegedly, this advice also included the sound recommendation that "whenever anyone asks you anything, tell them no. Or tell them yes. Whatever you want, it doesn't matter. Just say something and then sort it all out later when you decide whatever you want to do. It's not like anyone really thinks Gary Parrish knows anything anyway." ----- Rumor: In 1990, sought-after New Hampshire high school basketball recruit Nerlens Noel won a Grammy award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for his work on Quincy Jones' collaborative album Back on the Block, which also featured Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick. Status: False. You're thinking of Big Daddy Kane, who also had a very distinctive "hi-top fade" hairstyle popular among hip-hop artists in the late eighties. Noel would be born in Everett, Massachusetts four years later, the same year Kane would release his penultimate album to date, Daddy's Home. ----- Rumor: Sophomore Terrence Jones has been approached by a young woman who has told him that he is the only person who can rescue a mystical child from the clutches of a demon by recovering a magic dagger. Status: False. This is the plot of the 1986 Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child. ------ Rumor: Nighttime occurs every night because Anthony Davis reaches up and puts his hand over the sun. Status: False. Nighttime occurs due to the sun's position in correlation to the earth's rotation. ------- Rumor: John Calipari to leave Kentucky and Coach the New York Knicks. Status: Just let it go already. Okay?

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