Rumors Flying About Possible Commitments

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Great shirt choice for the big band photoshoot The rumor mill is in full effect today. Here's a little update on what they're saying: Brandon Knight: Rumors of Brandon Knight likely deciding between UK or Florida appear to be true. Selby's cancelled visit also stoked this fire a little bit. Hopefully the game this afternoon will help sway Knight our way. Expect Brandon to decide between one of the two schools, either choosing to stay home or join the long line of point guards Calipari has placed into the NBA lottery. Personally, I just can't see any top point guard with a chance to play for Calipari passing on the opportunity. At this point I haven't heard anything to make me believe that a decision has been made one way or the other, therefore I don't put too much weight in this article saying that Knight will announce to UK next week. I'd bank on Knight deciding sometime this week or next. One bit of good information for UK though is this article on Zag's Blog, quoting an assistant coach at school recruiting Knight as saying the Cats are leading for his services at this point. This certainly seems to be the case right now. Cat fans will just have to hope that that lead either remains in place or swells as we get closer and closer to hearing the decision on where UK's #1 target will land. Recruits at the game: There are plenty of rumblings at the game this afternoon that someone could pull the trigger. Immediately you have to think that Enes Kanter would be the most likely recruit to decide, based solely on the fact that he seems to be the closest to making the final decision. Deuce Bello doesn't hold an offer from the Cats and this point and Quincy Miller seems to be wide open in his process and still wanting to wait a bit to look around. Gilchrist is hard to assess because he keeps extremely quiet about his mind set. I wouldn't be surprised if Gilchrist was to decide today but, then again, I wouldn't be surprised if he was wait until midnight on the last day of signing in 2011. When I've talked to Miller's high school coach, he's said he gets the feeling that Quincy will wait until his senior year but he didn't totally rule out an earlier decision, leaving the door open to Miller deciding earlier. I haven't heard anything about Marquis Teague being there. He may not have made the trip. We'll keep you posted on whether or not he did make the trip and also on whether any recruits pull the trigger.... Terrence Jones: The Democrat Herald, an Albany, Oregon based newspaper wrote an article today detailing Jefferson's win in the state playoffs and also added this little blurb: Jones, a five-star recruit who is expected to sign with the University of Kentucky for his freshman year of college next season, scored a game-high 31 points to go with four blocks. I don't think there's much to this except pure speculation. If you remember back to last week, following Jones' visit to Washington with "teammate" Terrence Ross, speculation was that Washington could land both. Right now I'd say both of these rumors are just purely rumors and there's not much more to it. Jones keeps a tight lid on his mindset as well but nothing has led me to believe that he's made a decision, although it is possible that he could have told someone he's leaning a certain way. His mother continues to say that the process is still open to all the schools on his list. While Ross may make a decision based on the fact that his appeal to play with Jefferson in the state playoffs was recently denied, I don't expect Jones to announce anything at all until his team finishes their run at a third state championship. In summation, I would say that the Oregon writer may have heard something to make him write that statement, but I believe it was probably more along the lines of Jones leaning rather than having made a firm decision. Moses Abraham: Abraham is expected to announce next week. Georgetown will probably win this battle which shouldn't surprise anyone since they've been on him since right after he finished his bag of peanuts on the plane trip to the states. UK hasn't offered a scholarship to Abraham so UK fans probably shouldn't even be hitting the refresh button for this one. If he holds off until after other top recruits make their decision, which isn't expected, and those top recruits turn down the Cats, then you can start to get concerned about this one.

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