Rupp Arena ruins friendly conversation
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Rupp Arena ruins friendly conversation

Drew Franklinalmost 11 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


oldpeople A friend of mine cut out this letter to the editor in the Herald-Leader (it's a newspaper) today and passed it on to me.  It pretty much sums up what's wrong with fans in the lower level of Rupp Arena.  Warning: it's very embarrassing to BBN and college basketball as a whole... (To protect the identity of the writer, we'll call him "MatlockFan1920")

UK games too loud

It had been some years since I was fortunate enough to attend a University of Kentucky basketball game, until the University of Pennsylvannia visited earlier this month.

Arriving 30 minutes before the game, I was attacked by the exceptionally loud music coming from the umpteen speakers in the ceiling. It was constant. I found it impossible to carry on a conversation without shouting.

Is this extreme volume necessary to entertain the fans? For people who go to game after game, this loudness has to have some serious effect on their hearing. Even during timeouts and TV breaks, the noise was extreme. Someone must take charge and solve the extreme volume issue for the health and comfort of the people who pay the bills.

I completely agree with this concerned fan.  Here are a few other recommendations: -- Prune juice and Fig Newton combo meal at concession stands -- LifeAlert battery charging stations -- 3:30 pm tip-off -- Depends changing stations in restrooms -- AARP discounted tickets -- Nap time -- Sand down aisles and walkways (less resistance on the tennis balls) -- Remove the three-point line I hope this encourages everyone to be even louder tomorrow. Go Cats.

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