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  Since Joe B. Hall started Big Blue Madness 30 years ago, the event has matured and been revolutionized many times over. You never know what Coach Cal is going to do next, and it makes me wonder if he can ever one-up his previous self. Cal has once again gone above and beyond. This year Rupp Arena's floor turned into a 92 foot screen as the team was introduced during Big Blue Madness. The video made every member of #BBN proud, while simultaneously bringing out the child in most of us. I could feel my eyes getting wide and my jaw drop as Rupp's floor was electrified.  It truly epitomizes how the stage should be, for the nation's greatest college basketball program. The intro video mentioned may be found below. - Cal's family philosophy once again brought former UK greats back to center stage in Lexington. In celebration of the collection of another National Championship banner, Coach Cal invited members of previous National Championship teams to help him "re-raise" the banners. Wah Wah Jones, Cliff Hagan, Vernon Hatton, Adrian Smith, Kyle Macy, Jack 'Goose' Givens, Joe B. Hall, Derek Anderson, Ron Mercer, and Jeff Sheppard all took the court to participate in every UK fan's utopia. [caption id="attachment_119882" align="alignnone" width="225"] National Champions re-raise UK's 8 banners. (h/t Ally Tucker)[/caption]   - This team deserves a reality show (it's funny because they're actually getting one!). Not only do two of them have phenomenal flat tops, but most of them have dance moves that could help them star in a new "Step Up" movie. From best to worst performances: Archie Goodwin, Ryan Harrow, Nerlens, Alex Poythress, Kyle Wiltjer, and"WC" Will Cauley-Stein. I'm sorry but WC still doesn't have the flow down, even though Wiltjer is 0full of ridiculousness. Cal began his speech by saying, "If we're in a dance contest, we're winning."   - While the scrimmage is something that tells us nothing very important from what the team will actually look like I think there are a few things we can all agree on. 1. Kyle Wiltjer knows how to score and is a lot better than we thought. 2. Ryan Harrow is an absolute freak, that will do everything but be Mr. Trey Ball. 3. WCS and Nerlens will be a legendary duo in the frontcourt.   - Matthew Mitchell is hilarious. Took a look for yourself.   - In other news, the football team plays tomorrow. I know you don't want to hear it but it's true. The Cats will be limping into the 7:00 kickoff in Fayetteville, Arkansas tomorrow with 23 of the 30 defensively player being Freshmen or Sophomores. If you want more evidence, RS Fr. WR Daryl Collins and Fr. P Landon Foster have been named team captains for the game. Needless to say this team is young.   - Jalen Whitlow has had a week to get quicker. Not with his feet, rather with his decision-making. Coach Randy Sanders commented this week on the necessity to get the ball out of his hands quicker. The offensive line has given up more sacks in recent weeks, with the the "fresh meat" being put to blame. Despite it being an SEC-road game, Arkansas isn't typical Arkansas. Confidence from Jalen Whitlow and a quick-release could get the Cats' offense back into shape for the first time since the departure of Max Smith.   - More Midnight Madness Coverage in the morning, until then may your dreams be forever blue.  

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