Rush Limbaugh Stands up to the Man!!!!

Rush Limbaugh Stands up to the Man!!!!

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rush-limbaugh.jpeg What do Rush Limbaugh and Kanye West have in common? They both stand up to the man and establishment, regardless of what others think. Whereas Kanye gave his barbs toward the President, Rush ultimately understands what Kanye did not....the media doesnt care about white people. Commenting on the recent bashing of Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, Rush Limbaugh said, "They're dumping on him because he is a white quarterback As the link shows, Limbaugh believes that there is a conspiracy out there to hate on all white quarterbacks, a phenomenon that can obviously be seen by the savage treatment of guys like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Tom Brady in the mainstream media. Thankfully we have Rush to let us into the evil minds of Mike Wallace, Anderson Cooper, Sean Salisbury, John Salley, Rick Majerus and all those other media evil doers. IF the media is going to go after a guy who throws two awful fourth quarter interceptions, falls down twice on a key drive and occasionally has a quarterback rating in the single digits, what is next? Are they going to try and convince us that John Brady cant coach? that Mark McGwire did steroids? that Jim Harrick is sleazy? that Barbaro is really dead? Does the media know no bounds? Thankfully, we have Rush to save us.

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