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Russ Smith and the Qdoba Paper Airplane

Matt Jones07/14/13


Article written by:On3 imageMatt Jones
BPKhzNhCMAEY0cV.jpg-large If you listen to the radio show, you know it is no secret, I like Qdoba. The combination of chicken, queso, brown rice and black beans is enough to make even the most mediocre day turn positive. But it can also be a place of mass tension, especially when one wanders into the Bardstown Road branch late at night. Case in point, the alleged incident with Russ Smith and that troublemaker "Jonesy528". The Louisville guard went into a Qdoba and according to the tweeter, he was hit by a paper airplane. Jonesy then tweeted he did it and Russ Smith responded (at 4:45 am) by letting Mr. 528 know that if said incident had occurred, he "wuddve smacked you." Jonesy responded in a later tweet that "you didnt because it was when you were walking up the stairs", suggesting that someone is not telling the truth. Either Russdiculous was hit by an airplane and let it go, or Jonesy528 talked a big game but actually did nothing, the truth isn't clear. Leaving aside the wonderful spelling of "would have" (making the usual UL fan attacks I get confusing "your" and "you're" seem tame), the reaction by Smith doesn't bother me. Had Mr. 528 hit Russ Smith with a paper airplane (for no crime other than enjoying a delicious late night snack), then some form of reaction would be understandable. You don't hit people with projectile objects simply because they happen to play for the most objectionable basketball team in the world...it just isn't kosher. Russ has since taken the tweet down, but luckily we have the screen image above to remember it forever. Let this be a reminder to everyone...in the playful war of UK vs UL, some things are off limits...wives, children and when you are eating in restaurants. This isn't the Godfather...let the man eat his burrito in peace, or risk the possibility of a paper airplane smackdown coming your way.

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